01-KEWPIE15 March 2014

From time to time I think that it is important to unburden oneself in the form of well written diatribe.


  1. Dana Thompson
    November 21, 2014


    I love you. Mostly because your name is spelled wrong … we don’t need to talk about your shame though because we are Minnesotan.

    Your BEST friend,

  2. Stephanie Volna
    November 4, 2015

    Hi Thom. Holy crap what a great site. That’s it. Just kudos. You are a talented guy. I knew that – but for some reason I had never gone to your site. I am not usually entertained or impressed with websites, I am a tough customers and yours almost blew my mind. Nice work. I hope I don’t have to compete with you. You win.

    Hope to see you soon!
    Steph (Molly’s friend, brown hair, usually has a beer in hand…)

  3. Ron Baker
    September 2, 2016

    Mr. Middlebrook,
    Keith was telling me about the Taft reunion ~ I understand it was all about a pig, golf and beer. He said everyone had a great time chewing the fat, swinging clubs and catching up. Keith shared your site and mentioned you’re about to move to The Big Easy.. Good luck with all that.

    I checked out your website, enjoyed perusing your photography, art and concepts but, it left me searching for puzzle tiles that may have cascaded the floor. The pieces ~ obscured by time passed and a few chance encounters ~ were much needed to complete the entire picture.

    The search began.

    Upon floor inspection, I never imagined the pieces to resemble NY Society pages, published books, a palace named Versailles, a Minneapolis Egotist or dust bunnies lying next to forgotten dolls eating big fat burritos. Nonetheless, the earthy, sepia toned pieces were found scattered throughout the dimly lit googly corner. The puzzle, though still not complete, more clearly depicts a clever body of work.

    It has been a lot of years but, the walk we took behind the scenes at SOM has always been appreciated and resides as a fond and often recalled memory. Keith suggested you might enjoy hearing from me. Time does not stand still, that is for certain. In the last 20 years, I navigated myself from film to pixels via commercial photography on the streets of Cincinnati, married a crazy Austrian woman, had 3 children, moved from Cincinnati to Austria to Wales and back to Cincinnati but, now reside in Cookeville, Tennessee. Currently divorced, raising kids every other week while still shooting, rediscovering, reinventing and branching out.

    Thom, you marginally succeeded. Taking a little OVER 4 seconds, you made me love you. No, by the way, it is not Armani.. it is Brooks Brothers a la Goodwill. I am crying thinking about the N’Awlins’ Jambalaya you will be eating.

    It’s nice seeing what you’ve been up to, All great stuff! If you’re ever in the area (Cookeville, Knoxville, Nashville, Chattanooga) look me up.


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